First Regional Library announces the implementation of a mobile version of the EBSCOHost Interface. 

The new EBSCOhost Mobile application is tailor-made for the smaller screens of mobile devices, and offers the most important EBSCOhost features and functionality right in the palm of your hand. To get started on using your mobile device to access your EBSCOhost resources, simply use this link:

 EBSCOhost Mobile has the following features available:

EBSCOhost Mobile does allow the user to email articles from both the EBSCOhost Mobile result list and article details screens. EBSCOhost Mobile hast been tested on several devices and also underwent a Beta period that solicited customer feedback on many unique devices. Although, it has not been tested on all mobile devices available in the market it was quality certified on the most popular smartphones including:

 Your device must have javascript enabled in order to use EBSCOhost Mobile.

 Note: BlackBerry users can refer to the following link for information on enabling javascript: http://www.ehow.com/how_4965723_enable-javascript-blackberry.html